Quiet observation is the best road test practice

by Todd

Posted on June , 2019

Welcome to the first post. Starting something new like this is very similar to starting a driver’s test at ICBC. I am nervous! But nervous is a good thing because it helps focus 100% of my mind and body on the task. Many people get excited at the beginning of a new event. Others get anxious and a little hyper and want it to end quickly. No matter what approach you have, one big secret to helping is to prepare. Practise is the absolute best way to prepare for the real thing. Jump in a car with an experienced driver and say them:

“OK. Don’t tell me what to do. Just watch me drive for 15 minutes. Pretend you are a real ICBC examiner. At the end summarize what you saw pros and cons.”

Discuss in detail the main issues, then repeat and see if you can make the changes. Then repeat and repeat until you got it all correct. Or, call ATLAS Driving School and one of our friendly, very knowledgeable driving instructors can help do exactly this. Good luck with your road test!